How Much Silver to Start With? What Type of Silver to Buy?

Most face-to-face transactions involve giving change for a transaction. To minimize the change involved, Silver Annex recommends you get a combination of 1oz, 1/4oz, and 1 gram silver. A typical starting point is three 1oz rounds, three 1/4oz rounds, and five 1 gram cards.

For trading purposes, the best silver is the lowest cost silver that will be widely accepted by merchants. Silver Annex keeps a sharp eye out for the lowest overhead silver. The price of silver is set by the "spot price". The spot price is the price per oz available for those who purchase 5,000oz bars from a major exchange such as COMEX. For smaller quanitites, more than spot price will have to be paid.

Delaware Valley Silver currently has 1oz and 1/4oz rounds available for about $2.00 over spot price for a quanity for non-members, and $1.50 over spot for members.

Shire Silver currently has 1 gram cards available for 50 cents over spot price.

Regular Supply of Silver

Silver Annex is working on a silver supply system which automatically takes out a designated amount of US dollars from a bank account of your choice, and mails you the appropriate amount of silver.

Encourage Silver Acceptance (IMPORTANT!)

Next: (Click Here) to add yourself to the Silver Annex customer map so that merchants will be encoraged by the large number of silver-using shoppers to accept silver in their store.