Silver is a superior way to trade!

Drawbacks of the US Dollar

Expect to pay a little bit more for everything every single year with common currencies like the US dollar. Its called inflation. Unlike US Dollars and other world currencies, silver does not have an inflation problem. If you have a US quarter coin minted in 1960, you could have used that coin to buy a gallon of gas in 1960 because that was the price back then. You can still use that same coin to buy about a gallon of gas. Why? 1960 US quarters are made of silver. If the gas station does not accept silver, you can sell that silver for about enough money to buy a gallon of gas. Unlike common world currencies, silver doesn't buy less and less each time you go to the store. While the value of silver changes a bit from time to time, on average it stays about the same price for decade after decade and even century after century. For that reason, middle class families will typically save hundreds of dollars each year by using silver in place of US Dollars.

With all paper currencies you never really know what you have. In the case of the US Dollar, all you've really got is a number written with fancy ink on fancy paper. What can it be used for except to trade with? The only thing you'd want to do with paper currencies is get rid of them to get something you'd actually want!

Benefits of Silver

Unlike paper currency, silver has exceptional properties that make it very useful for a wide range of industrial uses. As a result, silver is valuable all by itself regardless of what is written on it, and therefore protected against inflation. Paper currency often contains high concentrations of harmful bacteria from being frequently handled by many hands, but silver has natural anti-biotic properties and therefore is a much more sanitary way to trade. What really makes silver the superior way to trade is that it is sized just right for practical use, unlike gold which is very small in common denominations, and therefore easy to lose.

Get Spending Silver

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