Silver Annex Directory Listing

To bring in more customers the first step (when accepting silver) is to list your business in the Silver Annex directory so we can advertise your business as a silver-accepting one. Silver Annex staff will see to it that all the silver enthusiasts in your area are informed that you accept silver.

Start-ups during their first two years of business: Free
Businesses in areas with less than 50 Silver Annex shoppers within 20 minutes: Free
Businesses with less than $100,000 per year in sales: $30 per listed location
All other business: $55 per year per listed location

Silver Annex Advertising Dispatch Service

Draw in silver users for more frequent visits by creating an exclusive offer just for Silver Annex shoppers. Exclusive offers will be communicated through our website and through email.

These dispatches will be sent out to silver users who have told Silver Annex they are interested in hearing about exclusive deals. Unlike some advertisers who spam their customers with email every few days, we only send the dispatches out according to each customers individual preferences. Customers can choose to recieve offers as frequently as daily or as sparsely as an annual dispatch.

$10 per dispatch per designated location.
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Silver Annex Core Advertising Campaign Service

Maximize the number of new customers using a combination of effective tactics throughout the year including word of mouth, mailings, emails, and other methods. Silver Annex staff will personally attend events where there are a high concentration of silver enthusiasts and make sure the people at the event are told about the benefits of shopping at your business. We'll use a combination of at least three different advertising events through the year including at least one in-person event to communicate the benefits of your business.

$70.00 per campaign. Limit one per year per location. Renewable each year.
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Pricing in Silver

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