Why Accept Silver?

Accepting silver will bring additional customers to your business. A typical home-based or small business using the Silver Annex directory service can expect at least 20 new regular customers. A business using all our advertising services can expect more than 40 new regular customers for their business.

The first step in deciding whether to accept silver is to look at the customer map page so that you have a good idea of how many new customers to expect as a result of accepting silver.

What is the Advantage of Silver Over Credit Cards?

Unlike credit cards, a silver transaction provides you with guaranteed value on the spot with no risk of charge-backs or other fraudulent charges.

What can I do with the silver?

Converting the silver you recieve back to US dollars is an easy process using the Silver Annex exchange service. Over time as silver is more widely accepted, you'll find yourself spending silver as an alternative to US dollars, so you'll feel the need to convert less silver into US dollars. Small amounts of silver can be sent to Silver Annex headquarters in return for a check mailed back. Silver Annex can regularly pick up larger amounts from your location using scheduled or on-demand visits in exhange for a check.

See the Converting Silver to Cash page to find out more.

How do I price my transactions in silver instead of dollars?

Silver Annex can provide a pricing method tailored to your business. Generally, you simply have your computer figure out the conversions for you. Its fairly easy using the right tool: A computer, currency calculator, POS system, or a smart phone. Typically you will add up the price in dollars as usual and then, by knowing the cash value of each silver piece given to you, deduct the cash value from the total due. Any change due back is then calculated as US dollars for the sake of simplicity.

The Silver Annex pricing service will provide a customized solution that can work for your business. Visit the Pricing Strategy page for more details.

Customer Map

Next: Visit the customer map to help decide how many new customers you'll get when you get listed in the Silver Annex directory as a silver-accepting merchant.